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New product

Black and white necklace with wooden beads at both sides on black 2mm soft string. Silicone hexagon-shaped beads combined with big and small round silicone beads in the centre of the necklace. Necklace has plastic breakaway clasp.  

Necklaces has 80 cm length and light weight.

Because of the design and special materials we use the necklace is very comfortable for mums with newborns for nursing and breastfeeding. Necklace is a great instrument for developing fine motor skills of a baby and prevents it from grabbing mother's hair and nose during feeding. Older babies can chew on the necklace during teething or just play with it. Silicone beads are very soft on babies gums and emerging teeth. So the baby can't hurt itself. 

Made from: 

  • Silicone chewable baby-safe beads
  • Smooth unfinished wooden beads
  • Breakaway plastic clasp
  • Soft string
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More details

More info

This necklace is made from special food grade silicone rubber beads (similar to pacifier). The beads are non-toxic and have FDA, BPA, Australian Standard certifications. So your baby can chew on the necklace during teething or just play with it. The design of the necklace makes it safe and fun. You can also use it to teach your baby colors and counting. All the designs were successfully tested by me and my baby :)

Baby shouldn't chew on clasp. It's made not from silicone.

Baby's spit or water makes wooden parts darker but they will come back to their original color when dry. You can easily clean necklace with water (don’t leave to soak).

Although we did everything to make our product safe, mums shouldn't leave the baby alone to play with it.