About us

I love to wear all kinds of jewelry! Symmetrical or asymmetrical, colorful or black and white, elegant or chunky, a mix of materials, unusual and interesting designs. 

Becoming a mum myself, I realized that I just could not wear any of my jewelry anymore. Playing, feeding, cuddling, going shopping – my baby is constantly in my arms. And of course my jewelry attracts his attention a lot! Almost everything I owned had either thin chains, metal parts or sharp details – so it could either hurt my baby or be torn apart by him. 

I decided to create child-safe jewelry for myself and for all other young mums who not only love their little Sweeties but also want to look beautiful and stylish.

In our Bite-a-Bead jewelry we don’t use any metals, ceramics, glass or stones. It also doesn’t have sharp edges or any other harmful details. The jewelry is made from special food grade silicone rubber beads (similar to the rubber in pacifiers) which are non-toxic and have FDA, BPA, Australian Standard certifications and smooth unfinished wooden details, soft fabrics, strings or ribbons. So your baby can chew on the necklace during teething or just play with it.

All the designs were successfully tested by me and my baby :)

Enjoy your Bite-a-Bead jewelry together with your child!

Maria Julius